Catamarans-Omiros is a website created by Omiros Yachts, a chartering yacht company located in Athens that was founded in 1995 by Mr. Omiros Tsenoglou, hoping to share his passion for the sea with everyone who desires to visit the wonderful Greek waters.

Mr. Omiros takes pride in the excellent condition of his vessels and has a deep respect for each individual client’s desire. As a matter of fact, Mr. Omiros' clients never remain his "clients" for a long time, since they always return as good friends because of his hospitality and kindness.

Catamarans-Omiros is proud for its yachts fleet and wishes to invite everyone who desires to experience the majesty of Greece, for the sailing holiday of a lifetime.

You are provided with all the information collected by the team of Catamarans-Omiros, regarding the operation of our yachting company and our privately owned and managed fleet. Prepare for your sailing vacation in Greece and learn more about our bases in Athens, Cyclades, Lavrion, Syros, Rhodes, Skiathos, Corfu, and Lefkas.

Our sailing program offers our professional skippers that are available upon request and ready to set sail, in order to assist the sailing enthusiasts that don't have enough experience.

Why should you choose sailing vacations in Greece? The answer is simple. Because you get to experience more of life, even though you get to spend less money. You can be reassured of that, by making a simple comparison of the amount of money required for a group of people in order to stay in a hotel while visiting 4-5 islands and the amount of money required for the same group of people in order to visit the same number of islands with one of our yachts. You would be surprised by the results!

Enjoy your sailing holidays in Greece

Catamarans-Omiros sailing team



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